Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network, an international network of people investigating their local stream ecosystems. Leaf Pack Network is part of WikiWatershed, an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center to help people advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water.

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Leaf Pack Network

The Leaf Pack Network is an international network of teachers, students, and citizen monitors investigating their local stream ecosystems. Following instructions in the Leaf Pack Network Manual, monitors use tree leaves and aquatic insects to determine the health of their stream and understand its ecology.

Individuals participating in the Leaf Pack Network engage in the full process of conducting real research while communicating and sharing their results worldwide. The Leaf Pack Network can be easily implemented in any curriculum and fulfills many state and national science standards.


The Leaf Pack Network is part of the WikiWatershed toolkit, a web toolkit to support citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, researchers, educators, and students to collaboratively advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water.

WikiWatershed web tools offer:

  • Rapid visualization of watershed data
  • Advanced geospatial analysis capabilities
  • Science-based predictions of human impacts on stormwater runoff and water quality

Stroud Water Research Center

The Leaf Pack Network and WikiWatershed are initiatives of Stroud Water Research Center. Since 1967, Stroud Center scientists and educators have been focused on one thing: fresh water. Our research concentrates on streams and rivers, including how they function as a whole and the complex web of life that inhabits them. Only through knowing how healthy streams and rivers work, and what happens when they become polluted, can we determine how to protect and preserve this vital resource. Learn more

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