The Leaf Pack Network is an initiative of Stroud™ Water Research Center. The Stroud Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.

Become Empowered and Energized Learning About Your Local Watershed!

The Leaf Pack Network® is an international network of teachers, students, and citizen monitors investigating their local stream ecosystems. Following instructions in the Leaf Pack Network Manual, monitors use tree leaves and aquatic insects to determine the health of their stream and understand its ecology.

  • Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network

    “Using the aquatic organisms, children can monitor the water quality in their local streams and compare their results with those of others.”

  • Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network

    “I love that the Leaf Pack Network provides an authentic learning experience and exposes my students directly to the scientific process.”

  • Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network

    “Kids really love it when we take the leaf packs in and all of a sudden the bugs start moving. They really get into it. They get excited about science.”

  • Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network

    “It’s amazing to watch students work with the leaf packs. They had no idea that those creatures lived there and could indicate their stream’s health.”

Get Involved!

Individuals participating in the Leaf Pack Network engage in the full process of conducting real research while communicating and sharing their results worldwide. The Leaf Pack Network can be easily implemented in any curriculum and fulfills many state and national science standards.

Step 1

Gather materials to conduct the study.

Step 2

Choose a stream that is safely accessible.

Step 3

Follow instructions in the Leaf Pack or Rock Pack Manual.

Step 4

Share your data on Monitor My Watershed!

Need More Information?

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