Goals and Objectives

 Goals for involvement in the Leaf Pack Network®

  • To raise awareness of the importance of streamside forests to the ecology of rivers and streams and to promote their stewardship
  • To develop a diverse and dynamic network of groups that share information about their streams, using the Internet
  • To use the Leaf Pack Experiment Kit and other teaching resources to improve science education and teacher professional development

Objectives for involvement in the Leaf Pack Network®

At the conclusion of the project, students will have:

  • Conducted a research-oriented investigation of their local streams
  • Engaged in inquiry-based, hands-on data gathering and monitoring
  • Observed and described freshwater aquatic food webs
  • Identified local tree species
  • Identified local macroinvertebrate species
  • Measured physical characteristics of a stream
  • Identified their local watershed using a map
  • Drawn conclusions about the relationship between habitat, land-use and macroinvertebrate diversity and density
  • Analyzed macroinvertebrate data by using indices to assess water quality
  • Formulated research questions related to leaf packs
  • Identified a way to improve local stream water quality