The Leaf Pack Network is an initiative of Stroud™ Water Research Center. The Stroud Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.


Educating to Ensure Water Quality and Availability

In June 2013, Christina Medved gave a presentation on the Leaf Pack Experiment for the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts Environmental Education Conference in Harrisburg, Pa. In July, she gave a 3-hour “Streams Within a Watershed Context” workshop at Kean University. The workshop was offered as part of a weeklong intensive course for teachers, offered through the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

Medved authored published work as well. “Using Slimy Leaves for Stream Water Quality Assessment: The Leaf Pack Experiment” was featured in the July 2013 issue of the American Water Resources Association’s Water Resources IMPACT journal.