Welcome to the Leaf Pack Network, an international network of people investigating their local stream ecosystems. Leaf Pack Network is part of WikiWatershed, an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center to help people advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water.

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Leaf Pack and Watershed Tour™ Workshop at Regional Conference for National Science Teachers Association

In collaboration with LaMotte, Stroud Water Research Center educator Christina Medved led two workshops at the regional NSTA conference in Nashville in December 2011.

Leaf Pack Workshops at Wilson College, National Science Teacher Association Conference

Stroud Education Program Manager Christina Medved led a two-day Leaf Pack Network workshop for 16 teachers at Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa. The teachers learned about general stream ecology and how to sample streams using leaf packs.

Medved Interviewed About Leaf Pack

John Latimer, a staff writer with the Lebanon Daily News, met up with Christina Medved to get the scoop on why a group of teachers, ecologists, and municipal officials were getting their feet wet in Raccoon Creek.

Expanding the Leaf Pack Network to South and Central America

In two packed workshops, Dr. Bern Sweeney and Christina Medved introduced the new Spanish-language version of Leaf Pack during a weeklong program in the Amazonian headwaters of Peru — the latest development in ongoing efforts to expand the program across Latin America and ultimately around the world.

Educators Present Leaf Pack Workshop in Costa Rica

Stroud Water Research Center Educators Christina Medved and Jamie Blaine traveled to Baru, Costa Rica to present a Leaf Pack workshop for local communities to learn about ways to monitor and protect their natural resources.

Leaf Pack Network Newsletter #12, Summer 2009

In this issue: First Leaf Pack Workshop in Costa Rica; Macroinvertebrate Review: Blackflies vs. Midges; Leaf Pack Workshop: the Guatemalan Experience.