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ROCK ON With Rock Pack Experiment Videos

Scientists and educators at Stroud Water Research Center and Montana State University are working to increase awareness of net-spinning caddisflies through the Rock Pack Experiment, an expansion of the Leaf Pack Network® that investigates the world of these less-well-known ecosystem engineers using artificial rock packs. Fashioned using dry rocks in mesh bags and deployed in a local stream for three to four weeks, rock packs mimic the natural food and habitat fostered by rocks in the stream.

Whether you’re an adult passionate about stream life and citizen science, or a caregiver/educator creatively engaging students in environmental STEM topics, the Rock Pack Experiment builds exciting, real-world connections among stream ecology, engineering, AND geomorphology!

Designed for 7th-12th grade learners and adult audiences, this video series provides an in-depth look into caddisfly ecology, ecosystem engineering, fluvial geomorphology, and more. You can watch the following videos below or in our YouTube Playlist.

  • Caddisfly Ecology: Why Are These Critters so Cool?
  • Natural Stream Engineers: How Plants and Animals Shape Streams
  • Fluvial Geomorphology: An Introduction
  • Example Rock Packs Deployed in a Stream