The Leaf Pack Network is an initiative of Stroud™ Water Research Center. The Stroud Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.


Webinar: Introduction to the Leaf Pack Network®

A  new webinar reflecting the recent changes in the Leaf Pack Manual will be available soon!

Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit

Students will learn to design, implement, and analyze a scientific investigation while discovering the value of aquatic macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality. The kit is reusable and flexible, adaptable to varying time constraints, number of students and grade levels, and it is geographically friendly, and complete.

Restoring Nash Creek

This video from Groundswell Michigan shows how two Michigan schools used the Leaf Pack Experiment to assess their local stream’s health. They discovered what was impacting their stream and then developed a plan to restore it with native plantings.

Leaf Pack Experiment Takes Learning Into the Field

This video highlights the partnership between Stroud Water Research Center, Riverkeeper, and Hudson Basin River Watch in the early 2000s. The Leaf Pack experiment involves creating an artificial leaf pack, placing it in the stream for three to four weeks, examining the packs in the classroom and discovering different types of aquatic insects that are used as indicators of stream health. Learn more in Expanding the New York City Watershed Leaf Pack Network.

“What I love about the leaf pack experiment is that it takes the learning out of the classroom and into the field, where kids can start to learn about how environmental issues directly affect their communities.” — Alex Matthiessen, executive director, Riverkeeper