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Five Days + Seventeen People = A World of Promise

For the 17 biologists, conservation workers and educators from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and the United States who took part in a total immersion Leaf Pack Ambassador workshop conducted by Stroud™ scientists and educators, the third week in October was an intense time that holds great promise.

 “The Osa peninsula is a really important place for biodiversity but also for water,” said Guido Saborio, scientific director of Amigos de Osa [Friends of the Osa] in Costa Rica. “For us it’s very important to start to work with kids and to use the Leaf Pack as a tool… to start to monitor the water quality in our rivers and our streams…so they can know the quality of the water right now and how the changes that the peninsula are going through are changing the water quality.”

“The workshop exceeded all our expectations,” said Jamie Blaine, the brain trust behind the project. “We gained invaluable insights into ways to improve and adapt our popular Leaf Pack Kit for use in Spanish-speaking countries and the tropics.”

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