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New Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit Featuring Sensitivity Groups

Stroud Water Research Center and LaMotte Company are pleased to announce the release of the updated Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit featuring a new dichotomous key, new sorting sheet, updated manual, and a simplified biotic index calculation. And we have A NEW DATA PORTAL!

The Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit helps teachers, students, and citizen monitors discover the value of macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality. The kit is a totally reusable and flexible tool that can be adapted for varying time limits, number of participants, and grade levels. It includes a comprehensive instructor’s manual and all of the equipment needed for collecting, sorting, and identifying aquatic insects.

Features of the updated kit include:

  • New biotic index featuring three color-coded sensitivity groups using a colorblind-friendly palette.
  • Updated sorting sheet to match the sensitivity groups.
  • New data portal at MonitorMyWatershed.org.
  • New laminated dichotomous key to follow sensitivity groups.
  • Updated macroinvertebrate identification flashcards (now including riffle beetles, left- and right-handed snails, and more!).
  • Updated manual and data sheets, including a new habitat data sheet.

You can view the full list of included items and current pricing on LaMotte’s website. To order, call LaMotte at 800-344-3100 (Order Code: 5882). The kit is also available from a number of vendors in the U.S. and Canada.

The Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit contains everything you need to perform a leaf pack project with a group. Consult the Leaf Pack Network Program Materials List if you need to purchase materials independently of the kit or replenish your kit materials.