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What’s the Best Time to Do a Leaf Pack Experiment?

Fall is a great time to do a leaf pack experiment — but not the only time! If you can’t do an experiment in the fall you can still collect and dry your leaves and then assemble and deploy your leaf packs later. Macroinvertebrates are hungry year-round!

You’ll need 30 grams of leaves for each leaf pack and we recommend making three leaf packs for each experiment. You may pick leaves off the plant or gather fallen leaves from the ground. Lay them out to dry if they are not already in that state and store the leaves in an open paper grocery bag until you are ready to do your experiment. Consult the Leaf Pack Manual for complete instructions.

Thanks to the Connecticut River Conservancy for spreading the word about this simple and fun way to learn about your local stream!

Do you know what a leaf pack is? As leaves fall into streams and rivers, they get caught on rocks and other obstructions…

Posted by Connecticut River Conservancy on Thursday, November 9, 2017